Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life Lately

Forgive this discombobulated post of random happenings around here lately.  And by lately I mean over a month and a half.  I know, I know.  It's been awhile since regular posting!

Hayes went to his first friend birthday party.  His older, wiser friend Porter turned two in February.  It was probably the cutest party I've ever seen.  My friend Beth is SUPER creative and with Porter's love of dogs, the doggie theme was quite appropriate.  See more pics of the puppy bash here.  It was appropriate that this was Hayes's first party to attend because I've been BFF with Porter's mommy since first grade!  Hayes enjoyed helping himself to some of Porter's cake.  Can't wait for these two to be big buds!  We love you Port Port!  You're going to be the best big brother very soon!

Our sweet boys with their mommies!

This kid LOVES bath time.  The other night at the dinner table the hubby and I were talking and I said "I'm not going to give him a bath tonight.  He just had one last night."  (you know the conversation: "Does he REALLY need a bath tonight"  Then it's time for the sniff test!)  Hayes said "bath, bath, bath" and proceeded to have a minor tantrum until I decided to let the kid have a bath!  That night was also the first time he said "bath," so we were pretty impressed! We're definitely going to have to start spelling words now!

In addition to bath time, Hayes loves to be outside.  And it being March in Tennessee, the weather around here is quite unpredictable!  So needless to say, we take full advantage of pretty days around here!  We took a blanket and our snack outside and play play played on Friday.

We even love being outside when it's not so warm!  Love this picture of my silly boy!

Saturday was another beautiful day, so we headed to the park.  Hayes enjoyed his second time on the swings!  He cracked us up with how he was leaning forward.  We didn't leave him like that too long because it looked a little painful!

We are enjoying all of the many firsts with our sweet boy.  And I couldn't be more excited to be going to the beach with my two favorite guys for Spring Break in just 3 1/2 days!!!  More on that later.  Happy Wednesday to you all!

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