Adoption Timeline

7/10 Watched "Lucy Lane's Gotcha Day" video; Discussed adoption with Christopher
8/10 to 11/10 Researched and prayed about the decision to adopt
12/29/10 Filled out pre-application
1/3/11 Pre-application approved!
1/9/11 Tell our family
1/28/11 Submitted official application to AGCI
2/9/11 Application approved!
2/11/11 Orientation packet and contracts arrive
2/14/11 Homestudy Informational Meeting; Orientation phone call with AGCI
4/22/11 Decide to switch agencies
4/25/11 Submit official application to CCI
5/3/11 Application approved with CCI!
6/8/11 Submitted homestudy paperwork
7/11/11 First homestudy visit (in home)
7/21/11 Second homestudy visit (at agency)
8/3/11 Third homestudy visit (in home)
10/13/11 Homestudy approved!
10/14/11 Picked up homestudy from agency
10/15/11 Mailed I-600A form to USCIS
10/24/11 Received I-797C Notice of Action from USCIS
10/28/11 Dossier sent to agency for review
10/31/11 Dossier county certified
11/1/11 Dossier state certified
11/2/11 Dossier mailed to Washington D.C.
11/10/11 Dossier to Ethiopia!
11/25/11 USCIS fingerprint appointments
11/25/11 Referral of a 2-month old baby boy! ("Baby K")
1/6/12 Loss of referral
1/26/12 Referral of "Baby B"!
1/27/12 We see "Baby B's" face for the first time!
2/6/12 "Baby B's" medical report is clear
2/7/12 We officially accept the referral of "Baby B!"
3/9/12 Submitted to court
3/23/12 Find out we have a court date: April 24!
4/21/12 Leave for our first trip to Ethiopia
4/22/12 Arrive in Ethiopia
4/23/12 Meet our son Beruk for the first time!
4/24/12 Pass court!  It's official!  Hayes Beruk Wayman is ours!
5/24/12 Submitted to Embassy
6/5/12 Clear Embassy!
6/10/12 Leave to bring our son home
6/15/12 HOME!

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