Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life Lately

Forgive this discombobulated post of random happenings around here lately.  And by lately I mean over a month and a half.  I know, I know.  It's been awhile since regular posting!

Hayes went to his first friend birthday party.  His older, wiser friend Porter turned two in February.  It was probably the cutest party I've ever seen.  My friend Beth is SUPER creative and with Porter's love of dogs, the doggie theme was quite appropriate.  See more pics of the puppy bash here.  It was appropriate that this was Hayes's first party to attend because I've been BFF with Porter's mommy since first grade!  Hayes enjoyed helping himself to some of Porter's cake.  Can't wait for these two to be big buds!  We love you Port Port!  You're going to be the best big brother very soon!

Our sweet boys with their mommies!

This kid LOVES bath time.  The other night at the dinner table the hubby and I were talking and I said "I'm not going to give him a bath tonight.  He just had one last night."  (you know the conversation: "Does he REALLY need a bath tonight"  Then it's time for the sniff test!)  Hayes said "bath, bath, bath" and proceeded to have a minor tantrum until I decided to let the kid have a bath!  That night was also the first time he said "bath," so we were pretty impressed! We're definitely going to have to start spelling words now!

In addition to bath time, Hayes loves to be outside.  And it being March in Tennessee, the weather around here is quite unpredictable!  So needless to say, we take full advantage of pretty days around here!  We took a blanket and our snack outside and play play played on Friday.

We even love being outside when it's not so warm!  Love this picture of my silly boy!

Saturday was another beautiful day, so we headed to the park.  Hayes enjoyed his second time on the swings!  He cracked us up with how he was leaning forward.  We didn't leave him like that too long because it looked a little painful!

We are enjoying all of the many firsts with our sweet boy.  And I couldn't be more excited to be going to the beach with my two favorite guys for Spring Break in just 3 1/2 days!!!  More on that later.  Happy Wednesday to you all!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy 5 Years!

Today the hubby and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary.  I can't even believe it's been that long.  I love reminiscing about our wedding because it was just the perfect day!  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our special day.  2 years ago I did a longer post so click here for more pics.  I didn't want to put up ALL of the same pics (and bore those of you who have seen them before), but I wanted to share a few for you newer readers.  Thanks for letting me walk down memory lane...

To my hubby: what a journey the last 5 years have been!  And who would have thought we would have been to Africa and back with our precious first son!  I couldn't ask for a more wonderful husband to walk through this journey with.  Thank you for your constant encouragement love, and support (not only for me now, but for Hayes as well).  You are an amazing husband and father!  We are so lucky to have you!  Happy Anniversary!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Court Date Anniversary!

Today marks one year since our case was submitted to court in Ethiopia.  Read all about it here.  (January 27 marked our "referralversary"-the day we saw Hayes's face for the first time.  But being the sporadic blogger that I am these days, I didn't get around to blogging about it!  Read our referral announcement here).  

The nervousness, the constant checking of email, the wondering when your child will be home are definitely NOT things that I miss.  So my heart goes out to you waiting mamas (and dads!) out there.  Praying right along with you!  It's definitely not easy.  

Today I'm thankful for this precious face!  I am so blessed to be able to call him my son!  

So, how ridiculously old does he look in this picture?!  I can't even believe that he's 15 months old!  My baby's getting big!  Happy Wednesday, Wayman Family Nesters!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quiet Little Valentine's Day

This year I couldn't be more excited for a quiet little Valentine's Day (night) at home with my 2 loves.  The hubby is making me dinner tonight (ummm, can you say Best.Gift.Ever?!  He certainly knows my love language!  No!) which we'll enjoy as soon as the wee babe is asleep.  I've got a little something up my sleeves for him as well (not saying yet JUST IN CASE he happens to read my blog today).  We don't really get too into the gift-giving and commercialism of the day.  For me it's all about showing the ones you love how much you care.  And getting to wear pink and red.  Love that color combo.  

The hubby and I are so thankful this year that we are blessed to be the parents of our precious boy.  

So how are you celebrating?  Quiet dinner in like us or a night out on the town with your hot date?  Whatever your plans, have a lovey day!  I am so thankful for YOU, my sweet readers!  Happy day of L-O-V-E!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Just Went All Martha Stewart On You Over Here

Last week I posted about some of my favorite DIY Valentines.  And would you believe I actually got around to doing a couple of them today?!  Me either!!!  Thank you, Pinterest for the adorable ideas!

And yes, I know Hayes is only 14 months old, but since I pretty much dropped the ball on Halloween (went back to work!) and Christmas (down with the flu!), I decided to get into Valentine's Day!  I thought these Love Bugs were too cute-and a good alternative to candy for the little ones in Hayes's class.  They couldn't have been easier and only cost me $3 for the bugs (my sister kindly shared her paper with me, so I didn't have to buy anything else!).


Get instructions for your Love Bug Valentines here.

I also wanted to do a little something for Hayes's sweet teachers.  2 crafts in one night-hence the reason why I'm nicknaming myself Martha Stewart-just for one night.  Then I'll go back to being my regular ole' self.

Not as cute as the love bugs since I hand wrote them, but my creative energy was running low at this point!

Get instructions for your happy hands here.

What about you, Wayman Family Nesters?  Have you been getting your craft on for Valentine's Day?

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Monday, February 11, 2013

New Business Venture!

Happy Monday, Wayman Family Nesters!  I wanted to fill you in on a new little business venture I've decided to jump in and join!  I've joined my sweet friend (and fellow adoptive mom) Ashley's Rodan and Fields team!  I've been using Rodan and Fields for almost a year now and have noticed an AMAZING difference in my skin!  I can't wait to try out different products that I can recommend to you.  I promise not to blow up the blog with info, but I wanted to pass along these aweseome products to my fabulous readers.  I may even have some great things to give away soon to you, my readers!

So if you have any questions feel free to check out my R&F page at  I'd be glad to answer and questions you have and get you on your way to better skin.  Could you use more cash?  Are you a teacher?  An adoptive mama like me?  Or both, like me?!  If you'd like to join my team and partner with the doctors who created Proactiv sounds, I'll get you set up and on your way!  I'll be having a business launch party, so if you live in the Nashville area and would like more info, I'll update you on that soon!

I believe that using Rodan and Fields is as close as you can get to visiting a dermatologist...without an appointment!  Want to be on your way to better skin?  Contact me TODAY!
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Valentines

Lately, I've been ready to get my Valentine "craft on."  (since you know, Halloween and Christmas decor were pretty much a no-go around here!)  I guess I prefer to peruse Pinterest and create a collection JUST IN CASE I was to find tons of extra time to make cute stuff.  Hayes is too young to really understand giving Valentines or to take any to his classmates.  But I might just have to make something for his teachers and family.  I like the idea of a candy-alternative valentine.  Just call me the Scrooge of Valentine's Day!

 4.  Bee mine               5.  Arrow valentine               6.  Have a ball

7.  Love bug           8.  You rule            9.   I dig you

What about you, Wayman Family Nesters?  Do you go with store-bought or handmade valentines?  Do you have the time to get crazy crafty?  What's your favorite from my little cyberspace round-up?  
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Created for Care Fun

Last weekend I was so excited to be able to attend the Created for Care retreat, an awesome getaway retreat for adoptive mamas.  I had been wanting to go for the last couple of years, but wasn't sure where we'd be in the adoption process.  So needless to say, this year I was determined to go!  I was supposed to go with a couple of friends who ended up not being able to go, but I still went (and am SO glad I did!).  I drove down to Atlanta by myself Friday morning (after a slightly tearful goodbye when dropping Hayes off at school) and arrived around 1:00.  Since it was sort of last minute that I ended up going alone, I had a room to myself.  This tired mama did not mind that one bit!

The weekend was a wonderful time to rest, and be refreshed and renewed.  It was so incredible to be in a room with over 450 mamas who also have a heart for adoption.  The times of worship were some of the most amazing I've ever experienced (and the singing was beautiful too!).  I got to "meet" some of my fellow adoption mamas that I've met via Facebook, blogs, etc.  I also got to meet some of my very favorite bloggers!

Throughout the weekend I continued to pray for God's will for the next step for our family.  I'm still processing everything that I took in, so more blog posts to come soon!

Sadly, I was having so much fun, that I didn't take many pictures!  Here are the ONLY two that I took!  I've got to post it to prove to the hubby that I was actually there!

{Above: Me with my sweet new friends Wynne and Bobi}

More from my amazing weekend to come soon!  Happy snow day y'all (for those of us in Tennessee!)!
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mommy Guilt

This mama is having a hard time balancing teaching, mommying, maintaing our house and blogging!  Most of the time I feel like a chicken with my head cut off.  At times I feel the weight of the pressure of trying to do it all. I'm very Type A and try to do my best at whatever I'm doing.  But trying to do my best at teaching, mommying, house cleaning, and blogging (you can tell which one of those easily takes the backseat! I'll try to be better!) usually ends up with me feeling like I'm not doing any of them 100% (heck, sometimes it feels like I'm not even at 50%!). 

For you moms out there that work, hats off to you (and hats off to those of you that don't too!  But this post is specifically about my struggle being a working mommy!).   I'm still trying to find a good balance.  Most of the time I feel like a bad teacher and a bad mom.  I'm trying to do all of these things and I'm not doing any of them well!  A lot of the time that I do get to spend with Hayes when I get home from work (which luckily, since I'm a teacher, is early), he is in a bad mood from being tired from being at school all day.  From about 4:00-6:00 I run around sometimes literally standing on my head to keep him entertained.  He has been EXTRA tired lately and has been going to bed around 6:00-6:30.  So that's not a lot of time together.  But I LOVE my time with Hayes in the afternoon.  The best part of my day is picking him up from school.  When I get there the kids are sitting in their tiny chairs at a tiny table about to have snack.  It's too stinking cute!

And since I've been MIA on the blog lately (and to boost the mood of this broody post!), I feel like you MUST see some of the latest cuteness going on around here!

Best.Hat.Ever.  Nothing else needed to say about that...

Ummm, how old is this kid?  Someone please stop him from growing!

Close-up of his adorable self!  And getting a mini afro.  Mommy's loving it!

Nap time with Mommy while Daddy worked on a Saturday.  Shhh. Don't tell him that Mommy spoils Hayes sometimes.

My beautiful sleeping baby!

And I had to share this one because the hubby and I totally think he looks like he's a Backstreet Boy in this picture (insert more current boy band for you younger people reading this!).  Big boy rockin' his first pair of Toms.

So that's what's been going on around here lately.  Just trying to find a proper balance in life.  How do you mommies do it?  I feel like we're FINALLY getting in a routine, but I'd love your advice!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Birthday and a New Look!

Hello, strangers!  I know, long time no hear from, right?  I've got a post scheduled explaining my absence (no big news here, just mommy having trouble working full-time and being mommy!), but for today we'll keep it light.

Yesterday was my birthday and I must say, the best one yet because our little man was here to celebrate with me!  Last year I wanted nothing more than to see our little guy's face for the first time.  And this year I have the best gift of all: he's home!

The fun started Tuesday night when the hubby brought home soup from one of my favorite restaurants and the most beautiful green roses.  Green is my favorite color, so he definitely gets thoughtful points!  I jokingly asked what he was doing because it wasn't even my birthday yet!  He reminded me that I insisted on having "birthday week."  I kept referring to it as such around here.  But hey, why not draw out the celebration!

I woke up yesterday to a happy happy Hayes and then headed to work (much to my dismay because we were supposed to get some "bad" weather here in TN.  Notice I say "bad" because those of you up north just laugh when everything shuts down here in TN with a slight dusting of snow!).  It ended up being a great day though because my sweet students and awesome co-workers were too kind to me!  The hubby, Hayes, and I took it easy tonight at home (Hayes has been exhausted lately and goes to bed at 6:00!). This weekend the hubby and I have BIG plans to go to dinner and a movie to celebrate JUST THE TWO OF US.  This is big news because we haven't been on a date since we brought Hayes home in June!  Crazy, right?!  We did go to my best friend's wedding and rehearsal dinner-which I considered a date, but that's been it for almost 7 months!

I did manage to get one picture to document the big 2-8!  Excuse the tired looking mommy at night after a long day of work!

And notice the new look on the blog?  A big thanks to Jana Gordon again from the etsy shop Little Web Writing Hood.  She did the original design for me and I recently emailed her asking for a little color scheme update.  Love what she did with it!

What about you, Wayman Family Nesters (if you're still out there reading!)?  Any of you have a hot date like I do or have big plans this weekend?
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