Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Birthday and a New Look!

Hello, strangers!  I know, long time no hear from, right?  I've got a post scheduled explaining my absence (no big news here, just mommy having trouble working full-time and being mommy!), but for today we'll keep it light.

Yesterday was my birthday and I must say, the best one yet because our little man was here to celebrate with me!  Last year I wanted nothing more than to see our little guy's face for the first time.  And this year I have the best gift of all: he's home!

The fun started Tuesday night when the hubby brought home soup from one of my favorite restaurants and the most beautiful green roses.  Green is my favorite color, so he definitely gets thoughtful points!  I jokingly asked what he was doing because it wasn't even my birthday yet!  He reminded me that I insisted on having "birthday week."  I kept referring to it as such around here.  But hey, why not draw out the celebration!

I woke up yesterday to a happy happy Hayes and then headed to work (much to my dismay because we were supposed to get some "bad" weather here in TN.  Notice I say "bad" because those of you up north just laugh when everything shuts down here in TN with a slight dusting of snow!).  It ended up being a great day though because my sweet students and awesome co-workers were too kind to me!  The hubby, Hayes, and I took it easy tonight at home (Hayes has been exhausted lately and goes to bed at 6:00!). This weekend the hubby and I have BIG plans to go to dinner and a movie to celebrate JUST THE TWO OF US.  This is big news because we haven't been on a date since we brought Hayes home in June!  Crazy, right?!  We did go to my best friend's wedding and rehearsal dinner-which I considered a date, but that's been it for almost 7 months!

I did manage to get one picture to document the big 2-8!  Excuse the tired looking mommy at night after a long day of work!

And notice the new look on the blog?  A big thanks to Jana Gordon again from the etsy shop Little Web Writing Hood.  She did the original design for me and I recently emailed her asking for a little color scheme update.  Love what she did with it!

What about you, Wayman Family Nesters (if you're still out there reading!)?  Any of you have a hot date like I do or have big plans this weekend?
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1 comment:

  1. I still read:)
    No hot date here... hopefully just a relaxing weekend. I've put at least 60 hours in since Monday! Ready for some "do nothing" time.