Friday, February 1, 2013

Created for Care Fun

Last weekend I was so excited to be able to attend the Created for Care retreat, an awesome getaway retreat for adoptive mamas.  I had been wanting to go for the last couple of years, but wasn't sure where we'd be in the adoption process.  So needless to say, this year I was determined to go!  I was supposed to go with a couple of friends who ended up not being able to go, but I still went (and am SO glad I did!).  I drove down to Atlanta by myself Friday morning (after a slightly tearful goodbye when dropping Hayes off at school) and arrived around 1:00.  Since it was sort of last minute that I ended up going alone, I had a room to myself.  This tired mama did not mind that one bit!

The weekend was a wonderful time to rest, and be refreshed and renewed.  It was so incredible to be in a room with over 450 mamas who also have a heart for adoption.  The times of worship were some of the most amazing I've ever experienced (and the singing was beautiful too!).  I got to "meet" some of my fellow adoption mamas that I've met via Facebook, blogs, etc.  I also got to meet some of my very favorite bloggers!

Throughout the weekend I continued to pray for God's will for the next step for our family.  I'm still processing everything that I took in, so more blog posts to come soon!

Sadly, I was having so much fun, that I didn't take many pictures!  Here are the ONLY two that I took!  I've got to post it to prove to the hubby that I was actually there!

{Above: Me with my sweet new friends Wynne and Bobi}

More from my amazing weekend to come soon!  Happy snow day y'all (for those of us in Tennessee!)!
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  1. Oh my! I wanted to go to this conference SO BADLY, but it was sold out by the time I heard about it! I'm on the wait list for March, but let's carpool together next year! :)

  2. Elizabeth, you totally need to go if you work your way up the wait list (and I bet you will). There were lots of cancellations for ours. Join the C4C March Facebook group. Then you can find a roomie and maybe even someone to ride with if you get in. Hoping you do! I was so blessed by that weekend! And yes, next year we should totally go together! I had so much space in my room this year! : )

  3. I looked up the fb page! I guess I'll see if I make my way to the top of the list. We'll see. :-)