Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Just Went All Martha Stewart On You Over Here

Last week I posted about some of my favorite DIY Valentines.  And would you believe I actually got around to doing a couple of them today?!  Me either!!!  Thank you, Pinterest for the adorable ideas!

And yes, I know Hayes is only 14 months old, but since I pretty much dropped the ball on Halloween (went back to work!) and Christmas (down with the flu!), I decided to get into Valentine's Day!  I thought these Love Bugs were too cute-and a good alternative to candy for the little ones in Hayes's class.  They couldn't have been easier and only cost me $3 for the bugs (my sister kindly shared her paper with me, so I didn't have to buy anything else!).


Get instructions for your Love Bug Valentines here.

I also wanted to do a little something for Hayes's sweet teachers.  2 crafts in one night-hence the reason why I'm nicknaming myself Martha Stewart-just for one night.  Then I'll go back to being my regular ole' self.

Not as cute as the love bugs since I hand wrote them, but my creative energy was running low at this point!

Get instructions for your happy hands here.

What about you, Wayman Family Nesters?  Have you been getting your craft on for Valentine's Day?

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