Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Serena and Lily Sale!

Right now Serena and Lily is having a summer sale up to 70% off.  I love S and L, but most of the time, it's definitely out of my budget.  Here are a few items that WOULD have my attention (if I wasn't on a strict spending freeze since I'm on maternity leave!).

(Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY paid by Serena and Lily to endorse their items. I'm just fond of their pretty things and can't afford them unless they're on sale!)

Gumdrop Pendant $29.99
I've had my eye on these adorable pendants for a while now.  How adorable would one look hanging in a nursery or playroom?

Woven Paper Bowls $28-$38
We bought a bowl very similar to these on our last trip to Ethiopia.  I'd love a couple more to hang in a grouping together on a wall.

Jali Frame Collection (set of 3) $29.99
Loving this beautiful collection of frames.  They would look beautiful on a bookcase or dresser.

So, since I'm on a spending freeze, will someone please buy some of these beauts and let me live vicariously through you?!   

Happy Tuesday Wayman Family Nesters!

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I remembered that I had your blog saved and stopped by to check in on your little one. My husband, Jason, works for the same company (in the field) as yours. As an adoptive family ourselves, I saved your blog so I could peep in here from time to time to see when you got your little one. Hayes is a cutie pie! Such a blessing he is, I know! You are blessed with him sleeping 12 hours! But you know...I say there's no justice in this world unless you get AT LEAST ONE that doesn't! lol! No, I seriously hope all your future children sleep that well! What a blessing that would be, right?

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi and congratulations from our family!


  2. Thank you Tammy! I'm so glad you introduced yourself! I loved reading your blog and catching up on your family's story. And I hope all of our children sleep as good as he does too! Probably not! We're way too lucky! Thanks for saying hi!