Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cutest Patient Ever!

Last Friday Hayes had his little man surgery.  All went well!  We're lucky to have Vanderbilt Children's hospital so close by.  Hayes was a great patient and all of the nurses just couldn't get enough of him!  I was so glad that my sweet friend Beth was working that day!  He was in good hands.

The surgery itself took about half an hour.  We were able to see him about 30 minutes after the surgery was finished and he's come off of the anesthesia.  He was pitiful laying in the tiny hospital bed with wires everywhere.  I don't think he even noticed we were there at that point.  He gulped down 2 bottles of pedialyte and we were able to take him home!

The xs small pjs they gave him were definitely a little snug!

We were definitely glad he was happy!  This was at 7:30 am and he had been awake since 4:00 am wanting a bottle.  I felt so mean not being able to give him one!  He couldn't have anything after midnight.

And this is Hayes after the surgery!  He was definitely out of it!

There's a smile!

He slept most of the afternoon, but was back to his usual self by that evening (with the help of a little pain medicine!).  Our little guy is a trooper!
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  1. so stinking cute!!!! The after pics look JUST like Mareto after he had his little snip in January! haha Poor little guys... it's so sad but cute at the same time!