Wednesday, November 2, 2011

State Certification: Check!

Yesterday I took our dossier to be state certified (Monday I took it to be county certified.  Another step required by some states and Tennessee is one of them).

So during my planning period at school I headed downtown to the Secretary of State's office to have a state seal put on our dossier.  It was kind of a long, bit of confusing ordeal  (I REALLY don't like going downtown), but the good news is, it's finished now!

Here's our dossier and our Power of Attorney (mailed together, but considered 2 different documents):

Here's a close-up of the glorious seal!

And here's a side view of the stack of docuements that is our dossier.  I've been carrying it around with me the past 2 days while I got it notarized.  I was too scared to leave it in the car.  If my car got stolen, I would be more upset about it being inside!  Take the car; leave the paperwork!

Today the hubby is mailing off the dossier.  I am a huge control freak (after all this has been my baby for about the last 7 months!), but I thought it would be good for him to do it.  I need to learn to relinquish control!  Adoption will definitely teach you that lesson! Pin It

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  1. Im the same way with our home study documents right now. They go where I go!