Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hayes's Wheels on the Bus Party (Part 1)

We planned Hayes's party for this past Saturday even though his birthday was last Friday.  It was nice not having a party the next day to worry about and being able to enjoy his actual birthday!  I didn't plan it that way on purpose, but it definitely worked out!  I'll probably do that again in the future!

Here are a few pictures from his special day! In order to spare you a barrage of pictures in 1 post, I decided to split it up into 2 posts.  Today's pictures will be of the decor and tomorrow I'll post the family shots.

 I love a good theme, so I went with the "Wheels on the Bus" since that's his favorite song right now.

I had fun decorating our dining room shelves to go with the theme.  And since I'm a teacher, it wasn't too hard to get my hands on most of this stuff!

Close-up of the shelves.  I made the "Happy Birthday" apple banner and taped letters on a large serving dish to make a clock.

The food also went along with the theme: carrots, celery sticks, apple slices, oranges, grilled cheese and PB&J, and pretzels.  Of course, we ate off lunch trays (courtesy of the fabulous lunch ladies at my school!).

Close-up of the adorable (and delicious!) cake and cupcakes made by my WONDERFUL sister!

I found the perfect cupcake toppers from Johnna of Mama Matryoshka on etsy

Cartons of milk, juice boxes, and water to drink.

The birthday boy's seat!

Party favors for the little guests.

Mommy and Daddy with the birthday boy!

Birthday boy wearing his cute school bus tee from Nicole of lil' threadz clothing on etsy.  

I can't even believe he's one!  We had such a fun day celebrating our little man!  Stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow!

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