Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Debbie Downer Kinda Day

Let me just start by apologizing for the Debbie Downer tone of this post.  I just wanna be real! 

The adoption process is not always roses.  It is very much like a roller coaster ride filled with constant ups and downs.  And the last couple of days I've been feeling down.  I pray for patience with my students every single day on my way to work.  I need to pray for patience in our adoption process more often. 

It's so hard when people ask when we'll have our sweet boy home and I honestly have no idea!  I know that God has a plan for our family, but it's so hard to remember when your heart is aching for a child you've never met.  I will continue to pray for patience during this process, but deep down I know that my heart won't be whole until we've got our little boy home.

Do any of you fellow adoptive mamas have tips on passing the time during the process?  Thank you in advance!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite Debbie Downer SNL skits to lighten the mood for today!

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  1. The time between being approved and actually getting placed with your child is the hardest because at that point it is completely out of your hands. All I can tell you is to trust that God already has the right kiddo picked out for your family. Here is a blog I wrote about our adoption story that might give you a little bit of encouragement:

  2. It is such a hard thing...waiting.

    I've really tried to see what I might need to be learning from the wait. We're taking a marriage class, painting the nursery, reading adoption books...we are just working on getting ourselves to where we need to be when the time comes and we get that sweet little picture <3


  3. Sorry you're feeling down Jen. It IS so hard to just wait and not know exactly what is going to happen and when it will happen. We've been through so many ups and downs already in our process. I know you don't want to be down in the dumps all the time but give yourself permission to have those days. God understands and will continue to grow and mature you as you prepare to welcome your precious little one home.


  4. Thank you ladies! Words of wisdom from 3 ladies I respect! Today (and especially yesterday) was a down day. But I know that there will be days like this in our journey. Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts.

  5. We waited for almost a year...we had been matched with Sarah (our adoptive daughter) through DSS and she lived 10 minutes from our house! Yet, we were not allowed to interact or see her until our paperwork was clear. It was torture. I know this sounds like a downer as well. But I actually learned a ton through the process...patience, long suffering, and the greatest LOVE. Also I spent tons of time decorating her therapeutic. And I wrote her letters, that I have now shown her 4 years later. In some way the letters show her that even when I was not with her...I longed to be her mom....she loves them.
    -Mel Wilson

  6. I love the letter idea, Mel! Beautiful! And I started doing some decorating of the room this summer, so I need to get back to that! Thank you for the suggestions!