Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thanks to These Blogs

A BIG thank you to some of my favorite blogs (and most of them fellow adoptive mamas) for giving our etsy shop a shout out over the last couple of weeks.  Thanks to all of you, we have sold over 40 shirts in the last couple of weeks!  That's over $800 raised to bring our little Hayes home!  Wow! 

The Anderson Crew

And a big thank you to the following blogs for tweeting about our shop:
Wanna buy your own shirt?  Grab yours here at our etsy shop!

Women's Give Hope Africa Adoption T-shirt

Give Hope Africa Adoption T-shirt (Unisex)

Give Hope Africa Adoption T-shirt (Unisex)

A BIG thank you to all of you who have already ordered a shirt.  We greatly appreciate all of the support! If you have ordred a shirt, I'd love it if you would send me a picture wearing your shirt.  I think it's so neat that there are people all over the country wearing our shirts!  E-mail your photos to
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  1. Hey!

    I'm trying to put together a one-stop shop list of adopting families - could you help me spread the word or provide me with information for both yours and others blogs/etsy stores/etc?



  2. Happy to help ya'll! So excited that you've sold so many! yay!!!

  3. Brooke, I'd be glad to help in any way that I can! Shoot me an e-mail at so we can talk! : )

    Thank you Alison! I couldn't have done it without all my blog friends spreading the word.

  4. Hi Jennifer! Just wanted to let you know I featured your shirts on Give Hope today!

  5. Thank you so much Mattie! I'm adding your link to the side! Thank you for your support!