Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roomspiration Blog Hop & Link Party: Craft Room Edition

Today at the Roomspiration Blog Hop and Link Party you can check out some crafty spaces!  You can link yours up and check some more out at Family Brings Joy.

When we bought our house just over 3 years ago, decorating the extra bedrooms was not a top priority (1 still is your catch all "junk room," but we're working on it!  I dream of a house where EVERYTHING has a place!).  Since our house is small both in size and in storage, I thought an office/craft room would be a good space to throw in some vertical storage. 

Once I figured out what I wanted, I begged the hubby to install shelving for me for Christmas a couple of years ago, and he sweetly obliged (as he always does).  One trip to Home Depot and we were in business!  Eventually, we made it to IKEA so I could get some of the infamous KASSETT boxes and my dream shelving was complete!  And boy, did I have WAY too much fun figuring out how to organize everything labeling all of those boxes!  It's an organizational freak's D-R-E-A-M!

Here's a couple of shots of what the room looked like BEFORE (When we bought the house.  I'm claiming neither the carpet nor the curtains!  Or the wall stains for that matter!)...

And here's what my little office/craft space looks like NOW...

Definitely still needs some work (the desk is my top priority in this room), but I am happy with how far we've come!  Now head on over to Family Brings Joy to check out some amazing craft rooms! Pin It


  1. Incredible space! I love the before and after much fun! I could curl up in that big comfy chair about now. I'm beginning to be partied out ;) LOL, no it's been fun seeing everyone's special places they create in for Roomspiration: Craft Rooms. Thank you so much for the very sweet shout out to all your readers. It means so much to me, really. I hope to see you again on Family Brings Joy. :D

  2. Thank you Shan! The chair is quite comfy! It's actually a recliner, but can't tell by looking at it (which is what like about it!). It's a long party, but it's been fun! Thanks for hosting!