Thursday, September 15, 2011

Roomspiration Blog Hop & Link Party:LivingRoom Edition

Today's the day to share your living room on the Roomspiration Blog Hop and Link Party.  So stop by View Along the Way and link up! 

Here's a picture of what our living room looked like when we first saw the house:
Gotta love the blue carpet!

And here's a few pictures of what it looked like shortly after we moved in (excuse the fact that I'm in one and one the phone!  AND excuse the mess in the 3rd one!  We didn't take many before pictures!  Definitely not a lot going on in these pictures. 

And here's what our living room looks like as of right now...
The white arm chairs are from IKEA.  The other white chair (on the left that you can barely see) was a Goodwill score for $6.99 that I painted and recovered.  Read all about that project here.  The white shag rug was a gift from my dad.  It's nice to have a dad in the carpet business!  We ordered the ottoman online before we got married.  I'm definitely in the market for a new one.  I'm just not sure what I want yet and I need to pick something that I'll keep for awhile!  The hubby does NOT like it when I change my mind!!!

I have always wanted a gallery wall behind the couch.  These black frames are all from Michaels.  I've been collecting more frames (much to my hubby's dismay) of all different shades/textures/finishes to mix it up more and give it more of an ecclectic feel.  They'll be posts to come when I finally get around to hanging them!  The end tables are loaners from my sister in law.  The brown glass lamps were a gift from the hubby for my birthday a couple of years ago.  The green pillows are from pottery barn.  The yellow rosette pillow and the gray/yellow floral pillow are both from Target.  The floral Union Jack is from a local store Lulu.  Read more about that here

This end table by the front door and mirror are both from adorable local gem called Three French Hens.  If you live in the Nashville area, you must check it out!

In the frame is one of our wedding invitations that a sweet lady from church took and painted the church where we got married at the top.  It will always be one of my favorite wedding presents!  The candlesticks are from Anthropologie and the pear candles are from Lulu.

The silver picture frame is from Pottery Barn.  The clay bird is 1 of 3 that I have from a local store called Shimai. 

The hubby and I bought the TV stand from a local store called Southeastern Salvage.  We painted it white, distressed it, and put knobs on it from Anthopologie.  The media towers are from IKEA.

There you have it!  It's been a work in progress, but it will stay like this for awhile!  Did I already mention that the hubby doesn't like it when I change my mind?! : )  But if anyone has any suggestions for an ottoman that would work in our living room, I'd love to hear them! Pin It


  1. Jennifer! This looks so great. I love how bright and airy it feels. Great job with working the mixed fabrics feel with the throw pillows on the couch (gotta love that yellow flower one from Target : )). Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hey, I went to follow yours and I couldn't get the followers button to show up. If you've been having trouble with that, you might want to check out the fix that my programmer husband figured out for it: Hope it helps!
    Oh, and in light of your adoption story, you might want to check out my post tomorrow about an orphan outreach ministry in Uganda.
    Oh, and I highly recommend my tufted ottoman from a coffee table tutorial for a fun ottoman option for your living room if you're looking for relatively inexpensive and unique:

  2. Thanks Abbie! And the pillow has definitely made it's way around, hasn't it! Do you mean the Follow button wasn't working or the Grab Our Button? I just checked out the Follow one and it seemed to be working (we had someone become a new follower yesterday. Thanks for the link with your tip. And I saw that post about your ottoman! I'd love to do a tufted one. I will definitely check out your post tomorrow now that I'm your newest follower. Thanks for sharing! I'm your new biggest fan! : )

  3. hi! i'm new to your blog...i saw your "give hope" tees on etsy and looove them! i followed the link to your blog and loved seeing your updates in decor! there is an ottoman from west elm that would be perfect for your living room...maybe?! :) here's the link:

    west elm has other ottomans too that are gorgeous...anyway, just thought i'd share! :) God bless in your adoption journey!!!!!!!!!!!!