Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Finds

Lulu Love!

On Monday my BFF Beth and I went on one of our regular summer lunch dates.  Now that she has her sweet son, Porter, it is even more fun.  He's just the happiest, cutest boy!  Check out her blog here if you want proof!

We decided to go to Downtown Franklin instead of our usual Bread and Company stop in Green Hills.  We went to several stores before grabbing lunch, but my favorite would have to be Lulu

About Lulu:
"Lulu is a casually elegant lifestyle store located in historic Franklin Tennessee. Wanting to bring unique and beautiful items to Franklin's envied Main Street, owner Teresa Ofman opened the doors of Lulu in June of 2009. Ofman named the store after her grandmother, playfully nick-named Lulu, in hopes of preserving her lovely feminine nature through her store.
Lulu offers an array of beautiful products from bed linens, to vintage inspired jewelry, Lulu strives to bring their customers the best. Lulu promises to always carry the prettiest, most lovely products for any occasion their customer might need."

If you live in the Franklin/Nashville/Brentwood area, come check out the adorable store in person.  If you don't, no worries, you can do some shopping on their website here.

Here are my amazing finds from our day out....

Aren't these pear candles adorable?  They were perfect for my anthropologie candlesticks that had plain ole' tealights on them.  I think they're cute next to our framed wedding invitation that a sweet old lady from our church painted the church where we got married.  One of my very favorite wedding gifts.

My friend Beth and both spotted this Union Jack pillow at the same time and said "We have to have this!'  But with a $78 price tag, there was no way we could buy it.  Then Beth saw the sign that said the London products were 50%.  Oh happy day!  We quickly snatched up the remaining two pillows!  I love this playful, femine version of the well-known Union Jack.

Here's my newest pillow addition!  She fits in nicely!  When the hubby got home he said "Another new pillow?"  Ah, he does not understand my pillow obsession.  Sigh. 

In keeping with the London theme, how great is this map of London?  At $4, I had to snatch up this map of one of my favorite places!  I have plans for this that involve a canvas and upholstery naills, so stay tuned...

Here's a close-up...

The last item I found was this sweet chippy white ceramic vase. At only $4, later I'll probably be wishing I had bought more!  They would make great centerpieces!

Here's a shot with a hydranga that I swiped from the vase in our bedroom. I kind of like it better empty because then you still see the pretty scalloped edge and the chipped paint.  

These are just the tip of the iceberg of all of the lovely items at Lulu, so go check it out!  Out of the items I found today, I would have to say that the Union Jack pillow is my favorite.  What's yours?

Happy Friday Wayman Family Nesters!
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  1. Really unique finds! Love them all, the pillow especially!

    Brooke Annessa