Monday, July 18, 2011

Seeing Stripes: Part II

{In case you missed part 1 of Seeing Stripes, check it out here.}

After striping our lovely hallway, I decided to hang a little art on that big bare wall.  Not too much of course.  I wouldn't want to take away from my beautiful stripes.  (Yes, I like them a little too much.  I know)

Here's a shot of the hallway wall before hanging the frames.

I wanted the wall to have an ecclectic feel.  I decided to use a mixture of open frames and what I'm referring to as "granny floral art."  I bought these frames from a couple different local antique stores.  I spray painted a couple of them to fit in with the brassy tones. 

The zinc "W" is from Anthropologie.  The map was a DIY project that I made for Christopher.  More about that later.

This little mirror from a local antique mall is my favorite.  I think it totally makes the space.

Ahhh, my little striped hallway is complete, for now.  I say for now because I might add little pieces here or there as they strike my fancy.  I've got my eye on a pair of antlers from Z Gallerie, so we'll see!  For me stripes=happiness.  : )
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  1. Love the stripes and your gallery wall collection! I really wanted stripes or a stencil or something but I'll have to save that for the cloffice. :) Beautiful job!

  2. Love your mixture of metal finishes. It looks great!

  3. So glad you joined our blog hop! I love your hallway stripes and frames! And I agree... that little mirror is my favorite!