Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hayes, Our Little Trendsetter

Over the last couple months, I have snagged a few items of clothing when I've found a bargain for our sweet Hayes (check here if you have no idea who I'm talking about and missed our official name-revealing post!)

I got this shirt at the Crew Cuts outlet on sale.  I can never resist a good nautical theme!  LOVE Crew Cuts!!!

Love love love gingham!  I think this shirt from Target is adorable (in a manly way of course, hubby!).

Another great deal from the Crew Cuts outlet!  I don't know if the hubby is extremely fond of purple, but I think the skull and crossbones make it more manly!

This awesome vest wasn't purchased at our yard sale, so I had to snatch it up! This will be perfect for the camping trips we love to take.

I couldn't resist these sweet P.J.s from the Carter's outlet for just $6!  Don't want to get too carried away with Africa-themed clothes, but these were precious!

One of my favorite baby stores, Janie and Jack, was having a huge sale and I thought that this striped one-piece was adorable.

I had seen these swimshorts awhile back (also at Janie and Jack), and was so excited when they were on sale!

The last item I got on sale from Janie and Jack was this plaid one-piece.  Love it!

Since we don't know exactly how old our little guy will be when he gets home (0-12 months is our parameters), to be on the safe side all of the clothing I have bought is 12 months or older.

I don't need to buy much since I have 2 adorable nephews who will gladly pass down their hand-me-downs (which I LOVE), but I couldn't resist a few cute things that I've found on sale!

Do you other adoptive mamas buy clothes for your little ones before you even have a referral?  It makes it so much more real for me.  I like picturing him in his new clothes!
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  1. Oh my! GUILTY!!!!!!!!

    Just bought the cutest shirt at target "My mommy doesn't want your advice".

    Figured we'd be needing that one!

    AND I have a hand-me-down buddy too - so Adelyn (Who mind you is not even BORN yet) has a full set of 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes waiting for her!

    Brooke Annessa

  2. No, we didn't. We adopted from foster care and were told to expect a child 6 years or older. Imagine our surprise when we got the call saying there was a 13-month-old we could meet the next day. We only had 3 weeks to prepare for him to move in! We had some amazing friends who showered us with hand me downs and a crib super quickly. :)

  3. Brooke, sounds so cute! Can't wait to see a picture of her in it!

    Stephanie, it's wonderful to have such great friends! We are blessed by ours too!