Monday, July 11, 2011

American Pickers in Franklin

Ok, so we weren't actually WITH Mike and Frank, but we FELT like Mike and Frank!

About a month ago, the hubby's grandparents decided to downsize and move to a smaller home.  They would not be able to take everything from their current home in Franklin.  The hubby and I got to go pickin' at their house.  I felt like we were on American Pickers!

We had so much fun looking through all of their treasures and hearing the story behind each item we brought home.  Here are the items that we came home with...

How great is this clock?  I already have the perfect place for it, but you'll have to check back later this week to see where!

I LOVE books, especially old ones!  I chose 3 classics to eventually put in Hayes's room.  I chose Treasure Island, The Three Muskateers, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  These three books are perfect for a little boy's room.  I love the faded red color.  They will be sure to add a pop of color to the nursery.

This assortment of little bottles caught my attention immediately!  They will look great in a windowsill with a sprig of flowers in them.

I thought that this wonderful fish plate trimmed in gold (I know it's hard to see it in the picture) would look great up on a shelf in little Hayes's room.  I was planning to use gold accents, so this is perfect!  Sort of tacky, I know,  but I LOVE it!

Another treasure that I snagged for Hayes's room was this Boy Scouts Handbook for Boys.  How great is this for a little boy's room?!

I thought that these adorable roosters would be perfect on the windowsill in our kitchen.  I thought they looked very Anthropologie-esque (Yes, I just made up my own adjective and I will continue using it!).  And get this, they were made by Christopher's great-grandmother!  How cool is that?!

This adorable print was knitted? (probably not the right term. I'm not really sure what it is-not much of a sewer at all!  But I like it!) by Christopher's aunt in 1974.  I thought it was way too cute to pass up!

I also thought that this fabulous ball with the butterfly (fake!) inside would be cute in Hayes's nursery.  I couldn't pass this up!

 Another amazing clock!  This is a tiny one.  Love the shape of the clock and the brassy color.  I thought that this would make another cute accent for the nursery.  If I HAD to choose my favorite item that we got, I would probably say this one.  I think it's beautiful!

I was so excited when Christopher's mom spied these jars of marbles.  Christopher's grandfather gave his sister some when our nephew Jack was born and I thought they were so cute.  Now none of you can say I have lost my marbles, because, in fact, I have not!

I spotted this milkbottle lamp in Christohper's grandparents' bedroom.  I raced to ask them if they were taking it to their new house and she was excited that I wanted it.  I love milkbottle glass, but sadly, have never bought any.  So this will have to be the first item in my collection!  I'll find the perfect place for it soon!

I have a slight obsession with birds (hence the blog title), so when I saw this, I snatched it up immediately.  It actually used to be a salt shaker.  It has three holes in its mouth.  It would have been a very large salt shaker!  I don't think I would have ever had to refill it!  I will just be using it as eye candy.

Here was one of the hubby's only picks.  He loves all things historic (as do I) and these bottles came from Nashville's Gerst Brewing Company.  They date back to the early to mid 1900's.  The hubby has requested that these be in his "man cave" when we get it fixed up for him.  I will oblige him on this request since he doesn't make many when it comes to our house.

The hubby's other pick is something pretty special.  This baseball bat belonged to his grandfather as a young teenager.  His grandfather told us that you were pretty lucky if you had a bat during that time.  So, when it broke, he simply taped it back together.  I know that the hubby felt honored that his grandfather gave it to him. 

It is so special to have items in our home that once belonged to his grandparents and even his great-grandparents.  Thank you Grandaddy and Grandma June!  We will treasure them always.
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  1. Oh I'm so jealous! What great finds. My favorite is the knitted print! Beautiful stuff. My dream is to find an attic full of fun stuff that someone will let me take as I want!

  2. This is my first time commenting. Just recently came across your blog via the adoption circuit.:) We are adopting from Ethiopia as well! Anyway, I LOVE your eye for design. Can you just post pictures for the rest of us to steal, er I mean "borrow", and copy in our own home? That would make things much easier for this non-Anthropolgie-esque girl.:)

  3. It was my dream come true too Andrea! I love the knit print too. We just took our time and walked through the entire home. So cool! The items make me so happy when I see them in our home. Stay tunned for a post on where I put them! : )

    Wooster (btw I think yalls nicknames are so cute!), thank you so much for reading our blog and commenting! How exciting that you are adopting as well. I will do more posts with pictures! Also, you can check out the Pinterest link on the right side of the blog. It's a site where you can "pin" your favorite pictures. Take a look at what I've got pinned there too. I'm a design amateur (teacher by day!), but I love doing it. Thank you for your sweet comment. You made my day. : )