Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Home Study Meeting #1 In The Books

One down, two to go!  Our first homestudy meeting went very well today.  A big thank-you to all of my sweet friends that texted to ask about it or sent well wishes on Facebook.  I was pretty nervous, but quickly felt at ease with our social worker.

First, she had us fill out some papwerwork.  For all of you fellow adoptive mamas, you know that this is all you seem to do!  Then, she took the "grand tour" of our house (those of you who have been to our tiny casa know that I'm joking since it's pretty tiny!). 

For the remainder of the time, she just asked us a bunch of questions about why we wanted to adopt, what led us to adopt first, etc.  We better get used to the questions because at the next meeting, she will interview us separately for an hour and a half each at her office.  The third meeting will be an interview of us together back at our house.  Ask away.  I'm an open book!  (or at least I will be after this!)

Like the little miss Betty Crocker that I am (another joke.  If you know me at all, you know that I DO NOT cook.  We need to work on that if anyone wants to teach me!) I had made refreshments, which sadly, our social worker did not eat.  But Christopher and I enjoyed them after she left!  Ok, confession, I bought some really great store-bought cookies and put them on a plate.  I DID cut up the fruit and put it in the water though.  If anyone wants to spice up your water on these hot summer days, here's what I did and it was yumy.  I just cut up 1 orange, 1 lime, and 1 lemon and put them in a pitcher of water to add flavoring.  It was very refreshing and it looks cute too!

Here's my attempt at photographing the aforementioned refreshments...

So there you have it!  Glad to be one step closer to our baby boy! Pin It


  1. Yay for getting the homestudy checked off the long list of "to-dos". Happy for you and the refreshments look great (as does your beautiful kitchen)!


  2. It sounds like we are pretty close in the adoption process. We had our first home study meeting today too. :D I'm looking forward to following your story...our new blog is www.waitingforethiopia.blogspot.com if you want to keep in touch. Blessings to your family!! The refreshments were a sweet idea, I'll have to remember that when our social worker comes by for our in-house home study.

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  4. Thank you Lindsay! We actually just officially finished our kitchen by getting the backsplash tiled. 3 years after the rest of the kitchen was finisheded, but that makes us love it even more!

    Marlisa, I enjoyed catching up on your blog. We are very close! Yall are on it. We started in December, but have proceeded slowly, but things are starting to pick up now. We actually started with AGCI as well, but switched agencies a couple of months ago. We LOVE AGCI, we just went with a smaller agency. I really miss them in a lot of ways. They're very good at checking in on you. I became your 8th follower. That's my lucky number, so that's got to mean good things for both of us! : )
    Please do keep in touch!