Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Finds

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Pier One Love!  (Mirrors Addition)

Yesterday I was killing time on my way to our second homestudy meeting (read about our first here) so I strolled in to Pier One.  I found myself gravitating toward the mirrors.  I heart mirrors.  I'm sure some of you can relate.  Some of you are pillow addicts, others maybe chairs.  I am addicted to mirrors.  I just love a good mirror (Scroll down my "House Tour" tab under "Dining Room" to see one of my favorites that I snatched up at a garage sale for $10!)

I stumbled upon some real beauts while I was there, just wishing I could buy them and add them to the two that are just sitting in the closet in our office!  I WILL find a place for them one day.  They were too good of a deal to pass up!  

Here's just a few of my favorites from today...

This beauty would make a fabulous additon to any room in your house.  With inlaid mother of pearl, the lovely pattern reminds me of lace.  AND it's a bargain because it's on sale!

Round Shell Mirror
Now $239.99
Orig. $299.95

This gem needs to be snatched up by someone I know since I can't buy it!  It would look lovely in any room, but I can picture it in an elegant dining room.  This mother of pearl mirror has a beautiful iridescent glow to it.  Another bargain under $200!

Ivory Mother of Pearl mirror 

I'm not sure what this one is officially called (I couldn't find it online), but it reminds me of the inlaid bone mirrors.  I'll call it the Embossed Geometric Mirror.  I like the fun, repeating pattern.  This would be a great more modern addition to a room that's feeling too traditional. 

Embossed Geometric Mirror

Here's the Wisteria mirror that it reminds me of, but at a fraction of the cost!

This last one was my favorite of the day.  The picture I took doesn't do it justice!  At the beginning of this post I said I heart mirrors.  Well, I also heart gold.  So, put the two together and you get DOUBLE LOVE!  This mirror is called the "Sunflower Mosaic Mirror," but I think it actually thinks it looks more sparkly than mosaic.  This would really increase the "glam factor" of any room.  And everyone needs a little glam in their life!  I think I'm going to have regrets about this beauty.  Sniff sniff.  Maybe if the hubby reads this, he will feel sorry for me and snatch it up for me.  Wishful thinking. 

Sunflower Mosaic Mirror

So there's your Friday steal!  3 of the 4 mirrors are under $200.  And we all know mirrors can be PRICEY! 

What are my Wayman Family Nesters' design addictions?  Pillows, chairs, mirros?  Tell me so I feel better about mine!

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  1. these mirrors are gorgeous! and I LOVE Pier One! I have six of the "Red Velvet Dining Chairs" in my dining room and everyone always raves about them- they are a jaw dropper! The designers at Pier One have certainly been doing a good job lately because there stuff is terrific.
    My addiction? Well, currently, I'm obsessed with decorating with milk glass in my kitchen. It's all up above my kitchen cabinets and the white is a terrific contrast on the dark maple cabinetry.
    I'll move onto something else later though, I'm sure! I go in spurts! : )
    enjoying your decorating ideas so much!

  2. P.S. I noticed you listed "Kara Paslay Designs" on your website as one of the blog you visit. Kara and Tim are good friends of ours! We went to church with them in Tulsa and they were in our small group. They totally renovated our bathroom in Tulsa and did a design board for our dining area and living room here in our new home.
    It's a small world! How did you get connected with them?
    Julia (

  3. Julia,
    I'd love to see these chairs! I also LOVE milk glass. I have a funny story about milk glass and the flea market today that I'll be posting about Monday. So stay tuned! I also go through spurts. And i don't know Kara and Tim personally. I stumbled acrosss their site somewhere in blog land and fell in live with it! They are so creative and handy! It is definitely a small world! That's one thing that I've learned from blogging! Thank you so much for the kind words!