Monday, October 17, 2011

I-600A In the Mail!

The end of the paperchase is in sight!!! Saturday afternoon we mailed off our I-600A, which I explained the details about on Friday here

Here it is... ready to go to Texas! 

We were so excited to be 1 step closer to little Hayes that the hubby was snapping pictures of me in the post office! 

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is within the Department of Homeland Security. The approval from USCIS gives permission for Hayes to enter the United States! So this is a very important piece of paper!

Once the USCIS receives and processes our form, we will be issued an appointment to be fingerprinted. Then the fingerprints will be sent to the FBI to be processed. Yes, more fingerprints!  When our file is complete and our fingerprints are cleared, we should receive our FDL (Favorable Determination Letter) in the mail. Then we will officially be able to bring Hayes home!

This process can take several months, so we feel very fortunate that our agency, CCI, allows us to go ahead and get on the waiting list before completing this step!

I'm working to complete our dossier (the rest of our paperwork) this week, so we're hoping to be on the waitlist in the next couple of weeks! Pin It


  1. Congrats on being just one step closer!!

  2. Thanks Michelle! We are definitely ready for the paper chase to be over!

  3. How exciting, I hope everything continues to move forward in the best way possible! Janell

  4. Thank you Janell! You're always so sweet to check in on the process. Hope you're doing well!