Monday, June 27, 2011

Road Trip Fun

On Friday when I posted about my cousin's wedding (read here in case you missed it), I didn't tell you that we made a little detour on our way to Chatt-town.  My sister and her boyfriend and I made a pit stop in Atlanta before we headed to Chattanooga.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for him!), the hubby wasn't able to make it.  He is on a road trip of his own with his buddies out west.  So, I am on my own for 10 nights.  For a scardy cat like me, this is a LONG time.  Friday night I slept only 3 hours WITH THE LIGHTS on!  I think I've seen too many crime shows, but anyway, back to my road trip...

What were you doing in Atlanta, you ask?  Well, my sister and I had a list of things we HAD to get at IKEA.  And sadly, there's not one in Nashville.  Hopefully that will change one day.  I found some GREAT goodies for our house.

I got 3 of  everyone's favorite, the LACK floating wall shelf.  At $20 each, they are quite a bit cheaper than their Pottery Barn and West Elm counterparts!  I'm going to put these on the wall in our dining area  (check the "House Tour" tab to see where).  This is a totally blank wall that has been needing attention for some time.  I can't wait to style the shelves with accessories from around our house to add some interest to the room.  And of course I will add pictures when they're up!

I also snagged a few of the RIBBA frames.  I'm not exactly sure where I'm going to use them yet,  but I will definitely find a place for them!

As I was browsing the frames I came across these fun TVILLING prints.  And it's hard to tell from the picture, but the background is actually a great linen-looking print.  I thought they would make a great addition to our bedroom, where we currently have nothing but a mirror on the walls (see our bedroom here).  And at $9 for the set of 2, they were quite the steal!

Another bargain I found was the BARBAR tray for just $3.99.  I'm loving the gray and white stripes.  It's the perfect size to put in our bathroom to corral the items on our countertop. 

I also found some adorable plant pots.  The first was the SKURAR plant pot for $2.99.  Wow!  I love how it looks like lace goes around the top of the pot.  Very feminine and pretty!

I also snaggged the SOCKER plant pot and for $0.79 it surely didn't break the bank!  I love the galvanized look of the pot.

I also got 2 fake plants (no green thumbs around here) to put in them, but I wasn't able to figure out which ones they were on the website.  These will make a great addition to any room of our house! I can't wait to find a spot for these and all of my purchases!

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