Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thoughts on Going Back to Work

Well, today's the day I kept thinking was so far away....the day I return to work (and in case you're wondering how I'm posting from work, this post was magically set to post on its own).  By the time this  posts, I'll have been at work for about an hour.  So forgive the confusing nature of me writing this in the future tense.

The hubby and I will be dropping Hayes off at his new school together.  I figure I could use a little moral support!  I've taken Hayes to play there once, so he could get used to it a bit before today.  And he loved it.  His teachers and the school are great!  But still, this mommy's heart is going to be sad.

Well-meaning friends and family members keep assuring me that it will just take some getting used to and that he's going to be great.  And I'm sure he will be.  But my adoptive mama friends will understand why I'm a little extra worried.  I'm most worried about our progress with his attachment (to read more on attachment in adoption click here).  I just don't want us to take steps backwards in how far we've come.

I thought I'd be ready to go back to work-that I'd be bored at home (and that is in NO way to offend you stay at home moms.  I know how tiring it is.  I just love teaching!).  I'm worried I'm going to be rusty and not know what's going on (well, that 2nd part is true.  There's been a lot of changes at my school, so I probably won't know what's going on!).  LOTS of worries here, so prayers would definitely be appreciated! Oh, and advice too.  If you adopted and went back to work, how did it go?  How did your child(ren) deal with it?

I mean, look at this face!  You wouldn't want to go back to work either!

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  1. Hope your first day away from Hayes went ok :) I know it's rough...

  2. Hope you had an OK day! We adopted and I went back to after a few moths at home. It wad totally fine. The biggest challenge was that I felt like I could never give 100% of myself to my child or my classroom. I did decide to stay home after that (and because I got pregnant and had 2 more babies) but whatever you decide will be right for your family!