Saturday, March 5, 2011

Letterpress Bonjour French Bulldog Poster

Description: This adorable print from sycamorestreetpress' etsy shop would make the perfect addition to your home! French Bulldogs speak French, right? This one does anyway....and he'd like to say hello.

+ Hand drawn by Eva Jorgensen for {folk} by Sycamore Street Press.
+ Dimensions: 11 x 14" (27.9 x 35.6 cm). This is a standard US frame size. Just pop it in the frame and you're done!
+ Medium: Letterpress printing on 100% cotton (tree free) paper with soy based ink in tulip red and black.
+ Shipping: Slipped into a cellophane sleeve for protection and shipped between 3 pieces of sturdy cardboard with USPS First Class mail.

Letterpress is a centuries-old printing process. It involves an inked and raised form being pressed into the paper, creating an impression that you can see and feel. At Sycamore Street Press, they hand crank their goods one sheet of paper and one color at a time through our vintage Vandercook #3 letterpress. They pay close attention to detail, but the hand crafted nature of the process does lead to some variation in color and impression. These are an inherent part of the process, and add to its bespoke charm.

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