Monday, January 23, 2012

27th Birthday Fun

Good morning Wayman Family Nesters! Sorry for the absence for the last week. My birthday was last Monday, and I was busy celebrating for much of my long weekend. Yes, we Nashville folks were blessed with a SNOW DAY before the holiday weekend.  For my Northern peeps, the thought of being idea of being out of school for a mere 1/2 inch (or less!) of snow is absolutely proposterous. But here in the South, we love it! (Well, the teachers and students do. I'm sure the parents don't!)

Sunday after church we celebrated with my family. My mom fixed lunch and we had cake and ice cream. 3 of my siblings were out of town (1 in Texas, 1 in Florida, and 1 in Haiti), so I was definitely missing them! My parents spoiled me with a Groupon for a manicure/pedicure and a gold moroccan pouf like this one I'd been wanting for the nursery.


Not the best shot, but here's a few of my large family!  Sadly, missing 3 siblings!  What a group, right?!

My mom, Mada, and me.  Not a great pic to be able to see my grandmother, but she's almost 95 and totally amazing!

My Mom, Dad and Me

Sunday night I got to celebrate with the hubby's family at his sister's house.  We enjoyed a delicious meal and playing with our adorable nephews! (age 5 and 2)  Here are a few shots from party #2.  It's rare that my nephews will sit still long enough to take pictures with me, so I definitely enjoyed the mini photo shoot!

Jack and Me

Silly Faces!

Jack, Knox, & Me

Love my nephews!

Monday I got to eat lunch with mom and one of my brothers.  After that I went and redeemed the mani/pedi my parents had bought me.  That night the hubby and I enjoyed a quiet dinner at Sperry's, one of our favorite local restaurants to eat at on special occasions.  We enjoyed steak, crab legs, and asparagus.  It was delicious and we were both definitely stuffed after that meal!

And Tuesday the celebration continued!  My sweet students threw one of my teammates and me a surprise party (they had a little help from the 2 other teachers I work with!).  We had cupcakes and they presented me with a book of poems they wrote about me.  Precious.  Definitely something I'll treasure forever! Pin It


  1. Happy Belated, Jennifer! You and your family are such a great-looking crew. I've been praying for you during this tough time, just know you aren't alone.
    I'll be wearing my HOPE t-shirt at Created 4 Care this'll be there, right? My 2 best adoptive mama friends (also from Texas) will be with me.
    Happy Monday,

  2. Such a beautiful family...can't wait to see what those pictures will look like with another little one!


  3. Thank you ladies! I had a wonderful time celebrating! (over and over!) I was very spoiled! And Brooke, I couldn't help thinking the same thing! Every holiday I think, "Hopefully next year we'll have a little one to celebrate with!" thank you for your prayers and support Carrie! It is definitely much appreciated! And I didn't sign up because I wasn't sure where we'd be in the adoption process. I should've listened to all of the advice I read about still making plans and not putting things on hold! I'd live to make it next year though. I'm sure you'll be blessed by going!

  4. Just started following Le Musings of Moi on Friday and, lo and behold there you were! What fun! Also, my kitchen is apple green--not the same shade of green but I feel like we now have more than just adoption in common:)