Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Long Time No Hear From!

I'm back, after a little blogging break (I hope to be able to fill you in S-O-O-N!).  We had a wonderful holidays around here and like most of you we were busy busy busy!

I go back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off, so we'll see if I can get back in the swing of things! 

Here's a peek into a few things that went on around here during my 2 weeks off...

Our sweet nephews, ages 2 and 5 came to spend the night.  And we had quite a busy night!
We baked cookies (check out their concentration)...

We played on the iPad...  (how cuddly is he in his footy pjs?!)

We got our bed ready for sleeping... (the hubby is gonna love me for this one!)

We watched a Christmas movie before bed...

The nephews also helped us put up our "Christmas tree."  Sad, I know.  This isn't much of a tree, but it just got later and later and we never got around to it!  First year in my life I didn't have a real tree!  Hopefully next year we'll have a little one to help us!

We also made a few purchases and did some projects for the nursery, so stay tuned for that later this week!  I hope that you had a blessesd holiday season surrounded by friends and family!

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  1. Love the Charlie Brown tree!!!


  2. Been wondering about you! I think of you (and pray for your future baby!) each time I wear my wonderful t-shirt here in San Antonio! Love it!

  3. Thanks Brooke! It was kind of pitiful, but still cute! Thank you so much Carrie! We definitely appreciate the prayers.