Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"If You Want to Make God Laugh, Tell Him Your Plans"

The quote that was the inspiration for this post was sent to me by a sweet blogger friend Rachel from Just A Touch of Gray (check back later this week to see more from her!).  I thought it was the perfect saying for our life right here (click here to read if you missed out). 

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all of the prayers, thoughts, well wishes via text e-mail, Facebook, and blog comments.  We appreciate it more than you ever know!  We are so blessed with wonderful family and friends (and many of you we've never even met!).  So thank you for brightening what was a dark day for us during this adoption process.  We are excited at what God has planned for our family. Pin It


  1. What a blessing to have your religion to keep your spirits up! I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and how He keeps me going in our current adoption. (((HUGS)))

  2. So sorry about what you guys are going through. We've lost 2 previous referrals. Both were painful and sad yet peaceful at the same time because we know that it's all part of the path to the daughter God has planned for us. Thanks for being open and honest, even if it wasn't easy. Hoping you get to see your baby's face really soon!


  3. I love that quote! And, it is so true. I think the more we try to make our own plans, the more God puts into action His plan, and it is usually more perfect. It is very hard to see sometimes, but but He, the Almighty King, does know best.

    Praying for blessings!