Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guest Nest: Just A Touch Of Gray

Good morning, Wayman Family Nesters!  I'm excited to share with you another home from my "Guest Nest" series!  (the first one was WAY back in August.  Read here in case you missed out!)  I got so busy with our adoption, school starting back, etc, that the series fell by the wayside!  I'm excited today to feature the home of the fabulous Rachel from Just A Touch of Gray!  I asked her to describe her favorite "nook" in her home.  I'll let her beautiful home speak for itself!  Enjoy!

I'm very excited to be here on The Wayman Family Nest and share my favorite space or nook in our house. I have lots of favorite areas but when she used the word "nook" our master bathroom came to mind. Why you ask? Well because it's small. Then I googled the word nook and the first definition that came up was:

          "A small corner, alcove, or recess, especially one in a large room."

Yup, I think our master bathroom could easily be considered a small corner of our master bedroom. Hah, but hey, at least we have an en suite! :) In all seriousness I absolutely love our master bathroom. When we started our renovation we knew we had to get rid of all that 1960 blue, but we were also on a budget. We painted the walls a light grey, replaced the toilet (ahh, white!), and covered the wall tile with beadboard. We fell in love with a furniture inspired vanity piece and adhered a gorgeous marble top and over mount sink right on top. Then looking around we actually loved the blue floor with it all. It was just the pop of color our tiny bathroom needed. And I love the idea of keeping that "original" touch to the house. Vintage charm at it's finest! Hope you like it... we sure do!

You can read more about how we did it {here} and {here}.

Thanks again Jennifer for having me share my Nest!

Master Bathroom


Master Bedroom


Living Room 


Guest Bedroom

Want to see more of her fabulous home?  Be sure to check out her blog!  Definitely check out the before pictures as well.  She and her hubby have done an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job!  Thanks for sharing Rachel!
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  1. absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the colors in the guest room but that master suite is just amazing!!! :)

  2. WOW!!! I mean, seriously!?!?!?! Wow!


  3. Gorgeous! I always love seeing photos of Rachel's house, she and her husband are doing an amazing job in their renovations.

  4. Rachel and her husband are very talented in putting their rooms together..such beautiful spaces. Good luck with the adoption process - that is exciting! A new follower.