Tuesday, February 15, 2011

They Say It's Your Birthday

Well, actually it's not. My birthday was January 16, so this post is way belated. But, I had SUCH a fun birthday, I wanted to remember it on here!

My hubby and I went to Memphis since my birthday fell on a holiday weekend (MLK). Years ago for my birthday my parents gave me an IOU for Grizzlies tickets (I'd always wanted to go to an NBA game). We finally got around to taking them up on the offer!

We left around 9:00 Saturday morning and hit the road. I love road trips, vacations of any kind, AND my birthday, so it was already looking to be a fun weekend! Christopher had already surprised me with my favorite cookies (Becker's Bakery) left on the bathroom counter that morning (Yes, I realize that the bathroom is a strange place to receive presents. He started it when we first got married for my birthday and still does it).

Our first stop in Memphis was the Pottery Barn/West Elm Outlet. I got a couple of picture frames and 2 other item that would be perfect for the nursery in our distant future! Next we headed to Graceland, home of the King himself. We were thrilled to find out that admission was buy 1 get 1 free if you're from Tennessee! Super exciting since tickets were around $30/ticket. We had so much fun being cheesy tourists!

Here are a few picture of the King's castle...
His mom's bedroom

Dining room

Jungle Room
(Doesn't everyone need one?)

Famous outfits

Wall of Awards

His grave

Front of the mansion

Christopher and I out front

Pink Cadillac!

Lisa Marie plane

Next we went ahead and checked in at our hotel, the Peabody. Figured we had to live it up since we might not be back any time soon! And of course, we had to check out the infamous Peabody ducks. It was pretty funny to watch if you have the patience to withstand the crowd (which was hard for us, but we REALLY wanted to see them!). We went to an early dinner before the game at Rendezvous. All of our friends who told us how good it was did not let us down! If you're ever in Memphis, you MUST eat there!

After dinner we went back to the hotel and Christipher gave me my birthday present. It was a necklace from Junk Posse's etsy shop! I just love it! I was so happy that I started to cry! (yes, I'm a "crier"-happy tears, sad tears, even scared tears...they can come at any moment....weddings, movies, even commericals, so WATCH out! Portions of all of Junk Posse's sales go to helping adoptive families bring their sweet babies home, so check it out on Etsy!

Then we headed to the FedEx Forum, where the Grizzlies play. We were on the 4th row behind the Mavericks bench. Amazing seats (thanks Dad!)! We had so much fun at the game AND the Grizzlies won, which surprised us!!!


We left Sunday morning, so that we still had 1 day to enjoy at home over the holiday weekend. Thank you hubby for the perfect weekend birthday getaway! Pin It

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