Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Tough Decision But...

Christopher and I have decided to switch adoption agencies.  We will now be adopting our little boy through Celebrate Children International (CCI).  I want to start out by saying that we have NOTHING negative to say about AGCI.  They are a wonderful agency.  They were extremely friendly, organized, and very helpful.  They called us every two weeks to check in.  They sent us an adoption planning binder that was VERY helpful.

Then, why you ask, are we changing???  Bottom line: the wait time for CCI is MUCH shorter.  With AGCI we would be waiting around a year for a referral.  With CCI it could be a matter of weeks.  Currently, there are no families on the waiting list with our gender and age parameters.  They have a wonderful reputation.  We know 3 families who are using them (2 personally and 1 blogger friend). They are a small agency, and only work with a certain number of families at a time.  Sue, the director and Ethiopia program coordinator, travels to Ethiopia each month, so they are fully invested in this program.

So, that's it for now!  We will continue to keep you posted during this process.  Thank you all for your continued love and support. Pin It


  1. How wonderful that you may get your little one sooner!

    Brooke Annessa

  2. Thanks Brooke! We're pretty excited!

  3. if we had stayed with the ET program we would were considering this switch also...i know it's hard to decision, but hopefully you will have your sweet baby soon! congrats!

  4. Thank you Ashley! We are at peace with the decision now (once we had decided, we had to rip it off fast like a bandaid) and so excited about moving forward! We are excited for you and your new changes too!