Thursday, January 5, 2012

Craigslist Dresser Revamp

Good morning, Wayman Family Nesters!  (at least I'm hoping for a good day!  By the time this posts, I'll be back to work after TWO WEEKS off! Yikes!  I better get back in the swing of things!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my students, but I'm not ready to be back!)

Today I'm going to show you a project for the nursery that the hubby and I  undertook for the nursery.  This past summer while perusing Craigslist, I found the PERFECT dresser for our little one's nursery.  I knew it was a little early to be making such purchases, but this one was just what I was looking for and a pretty good price.

Here's a before shot...

First, the hubby took all the drawers out and gave the exterior surfaces and drawer fronts a light sanding with a fine grit 150 sand paper.  Then, he primed it with an oil-based primer (original Kilz) we had tinted at Home Depot (per the instructions of our local friendly paint guy).  He sprayed all the surfaces (including inside and underneath the dresser) with the primer (the dresser smelled of smoke, so we were trying to get rid of that smell!).  He used a sprayer with his compressor for all of the painting.

Here he is hard at work!

Then the hubby sprayed 2 coats of paint (we chose Behr "Grape Creme."  I was going for a grayish-purplish color inspired from my all-time favorite nursery below:

Nursery Inspiration

The last thing he did was prime and paint the hardware.  Loved the beautiful original hardware!  Sorry for the bad iPhone picture, but it looks even better in person!

A big thank you to the hubby on this project!  It looks great and will be one of my favorite parts of the nursery!

What about you Wayman Family Nesters: Do you have any furniture revamps going on right now?

P.S. I'd like to wish my sweet sister a Happy Birthday today if she's reading.  Love you Rachie!
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  1. oooh yes! it looks gorgeous! i love that inspiration picture- it's a long time favorite!

  2. Love it!! I have a plan for a funiture revamp for IC's room (imaginary child). I haven't started it yet but I have the plan and the knobs. Hopefully soon--especially considering your inspirational post. I especially love the color. It is so neat.

  3. Jennifer, it looks fantastic! I love love the color! Can't wait to see the finished nursery...and a little baby in it. :)

  4. Absolutely amazing work! LOVE it!!!


  5. Thanks ladies! I was very happy with how it turned out. I would feel so proud if I'd done it myself, but the hubby did a MUCH better job than I ever would have! He's actually more of a perfectionist than I am when it comes to that kind of stuff!

  6. That revamp is so gorgeous! And I can see why you are inspired by that nursery, love it!

  7. I know Ive said it before but this room is just AMAZING! I love everything about it.