Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Day of L-O-V-E!

Valentine's Day isn't a holiday that the hubby and I go all out for.  In fact, we usually laugh about what a cheesy holiday.  This year I decided to do some nice things for both him and my students.  Before I left school yesterday, I decorated my room in a sea of pink and red paper chains and hearts.  I made a note for each student that said "I just wanted you to know that you are special.  Have a Happy Valentine's Day.  Love, Mrs. Wayman"  I have a kiss (a Hershey's kiss!) for each one.  With 85 students, I can't afford to spend much.  I just want them to know they're special!

At the last minute, I also decided to throw together a little party for my study hall class.  I have a couple of silly games planned (Guess the Other Half of Famous Couples and Pin the Heart on One of the Teacher's Faces!) and baked them some treats last night.  I also made a playlist of "love songs" for them to listen to during the party.  Should be a fun time with a bunch of 6th graders!  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

For the hubby I kept it pretty simple.  I wrote him a nice card and edited some pictures of Hayes for him using picnik.  I took one of our favorite pictures and added "Happy Valentine's Day Daddy.  I love you.  Love, Hayes" on it.  I also took another picture and put his name, date, height, and weight on it.  I thought that would be a fun way to keep up with his stats each month in pictures.  I'm praying that too many months won't go by before we get to meet him!

What are you doing today for the ones you love?  Do you keep it simple like we do or do you go all out? 

Happy Valentine's Day Wayman Family Nesters!  Hope you're feeling my love for YOU! : )
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  1. Celebrating in the NICU with our newly adopted baby girl! NEVER saw this coming but it's perfect! She is perfect!