Monday, February 20, 2012

"What A Change"

Yesterday morning on our way to church, I realized I had left my phone at home.  I immediately felt panicky (That's sad, isn't it?!  Am I the ONLY one that gets like that?!), but we were just barely going to make it on time, so we didn't have time to turn around. 

Well, fast forward a few hours later...When we got home, I immediately checked my email (adoptive moms, you can relate to checking your email MANY times a day) to find a message from our agency's sweet director with the subject "What a Change." 

The email contained 3 new pictures of our sweet boy.  And let me tell you, what a change indeed!  He is definitely gaining weight on  his high-calorie formula.  He's even more precious than in the first pictures we saw-if that's even possible! 

Sorry that this post is without pictures, but we can't show his face on here until we pass court and he's officiallly ours.  But we'll be glad to brag if you live in the Nashville area and happen to run into us.  The Ethiopian courts have been closed for the last 3 weeks and will reopen on Friday of this week.  Our agency is telling us that we'll be submitted at that time, so we'll see if everything's in order for that to happen.  Once we are submitted, we could know our travel date within a month.  Can't wait!!!!

So Happy Monday Wayman Family Nesters.  Those 3 pictures definitely got my week off to a good start! Pin It

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